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  anuradha prasad I have a way............ with words?!

I cannot explain the very meaning of what I have just written........
as I can only feel it !

I wrote my first poem at the age of seven. It never saw the light simply
because it never got saved.

Though I forgot to write.... I started to read ! My mom was indirectly instrumental in it, as she loved reading 'one book a day' for her afternoon naps, which she got from her little library at school (She was a teacher). I stole her books and ended up reading adult and teenage romance, adventure, suspense thrillers, socio thrillers, philosophy, spirituality added to hundreds of comics and children's adventure books, still at my primary school stage. One book that really moved me at that time was 'The Diary of Anne Frank.'

Through all this........ quietly..... Writing was happening to me!

In the course of my growing up years I did everything to make me feel good.. acting, modelling, teaching (Which I still do) but nothing gave me lasting pleasure. Sometime.. Somewhere during all this I started to write, may be as......

I always wanted to create something that will 'outlive me.' Today..... I write when I am low , I write when I am high , I write when I am simply bored, I write to meet the deadlines....I write to simply write because, writing is my life. Anything and everything today finds expression through my pen! I have not limited my writings, to a particular genre as creativity needs freedom.

I have published hundreds of articles with the leading news papers, magazines, edited life style magazines, developed web content, edited books (written a couple myself ) still continue to write........ cause 'I have a way with words!'

By Dr Anuradha Prasad

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