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ANURADHA PRASAD | Author Interview
February 24, 2014
Anuradha Prasad, a columnist, editor, journalist, and feature writer, brings her unique and flavoured writing experience into her debut book 'Two Winters and 365 Days'. A huge fan of Wordsworth's poems, she believes in the importance of individualistic style of writing. In this interview, she talks about her life, her experiences in journalism and her love for writing.
BookGeeks: Tell us something about yourself?
Anuradha: To start with, thank you for this interview. I generally am a ‘let my work do the talking’ kind of a person. Since you have asked, and to answer your question - I am a freelance writer and editor with works published in several top publications in India. I blog on my site. Basically I have created it to display my published work. I am a visiting professor of journalism and give pep talks on the intrinsic personality development to youngsters on invitation. I am a fitness freak and practice yoga. I love traveling, exploring new places and observing nature. If I am not writing – gardening, reading, lazing around, listening to music, spending time with my family measure the most in my daily priorities. My all-time stress buster is assimilating exotic ingredients and chopping vegetables to put together an unusual dish. The whole idea is to be involved in every step of the preparation and it’s really, really therapeutic. Humanity makes me laugh.
BookGeeks: What inspired you towards writing?
Anuradha: What inspired me always was, my articles were constantly published. I have had to face very few rejections from the beginning. I remember I was writing short stories and poems at school but nobody recognized this talent in me. Later, during my post-graduation and teaching career, I used to write and edit articles with one of the reputed magazines of free press house called ‘Body and Beauty Care’. A twist of destiny took me abroad and I had to abandon my promising teaching career back home. At that time my Ph.D. thesis had also neared its submission. Major part of my day was spent in scouting for references, putting them together burning the midnight oil, all the while looking after my family and home. As I sat in the quiet neighbourhood of California one afternoon, writing the concluding part of my book, I realized that I won’t be doing it for long. In a more than defining emotional moment I realized that writing was always my first love and I had lost it somewhere on the way! I wasted no time starting from where I had left after returning to India and the rest followed.
BookGeeks: Is your book based on your own story? If yes, how closely does it reflect your life?
Anuradha: No my book is not my story but it reflects a woman's struggle and turmoil in the field of journalism which is very true to mine. I had realized very soon, at the initial stages of my journalistic and writing career, that people were not open to hiring me for my lack of experience and also because I had a family. The field of journalism needed long, tedious hours in the office. I was not technically sound either. Somebody at that point suggested me to concentrate on feature writing. As luck would have it, my work started getting published very often and I landed one fine day in the Times West Side office. I was given an opportunity to write for them. After the publication of only a few articles the then editor recognized my excellent writing skills and work just flowed. Around that time I was also publishing a lot of work in other National publications. I started getting invitations to write for DNA, Hindustan Times, Woman's World, Woman's Era, Free press, and Incredible India, along with Education Times, Bombay Times and Times Ascent. I was featured on the Cover of Times West side in 2006. After that I worked as an editor to a couple of lifestyle magazines. The struggle, dilemma and humiliation that I mentioned in the book are mine to some extent; apart from that everything else is imaginary.
BookGeeks: Which is your favorite book and why?
Anuradha: There are hundreds of books out there which are my favorites. Each book is special in its own way so I cannot pinpoint only one. But I can name a few of my favorite authors – Jeffery Archer, Danielle Steel, Harold Robins, Sidney Sheldon , Barbara Cartland, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton and Mahatma Gandhi (I am putting Gandhi on the international genre). From the Indian lot, I like Arundhati Roy’s writing, and I could read through Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Two states’.
BookGeeks: As a writer of romance fiction, who is your favorite romance writer and why?
Anuradha: Please, please do not categorize ‘Two Winters.....’ as a romantic fiction. It is meant to be an inspirational success story. It is a story that asks us to look at life as a challenge and turn every adversity into success. In the book, love just happens along that journey. Coming to your question, I am not a great fan of Romantic fiction and I have not read any in years so I cannot name a particular writer. But yes, I must have read at least 5000 Mills & Boons series in my college days added to the lakhs of books of other genre.
BookGeeks: What are your plans for the future? Any new projects coming up?
Anuradha: I don't plan and work. I have to attend to some of the pending writing assignments. I am busy with the interviews and promos for the book. My new project, which is my next book, is in its planning stages and I will start work very soon.
BookGeeks: What would be your suggestion to budding and aspiring writers?
a) I feel most of the aspiring writers need to develop a very, very strong language base. Their database of words should be infinite. Lots of reading followed by writing is a must.
b) Another most important skill of a good writer is the uniformity and easy language flow. The skill of a good writer lies in how well he/she is able to carry the reader through the story/feature effortlessly without leaving out on the details or descriptions.
c) Developing an individual style is also essential; like Ernest Hemingway violated grammar rules, Shakespeare did the same (he often did not use verbs). On my part, I try not to repeat the same words though I have to express a similar emotion twice in the subsequent lines. This helps beat monotony. Developing individual style is not easy. One needs to work hard and long hours exploring, every genre of writing. After the work is published getting a feedback and delivering accordingly is also important. Somewhere along the way of struggle and recognition you might strike a chord with the readers and that will remain with you as your individual style.
d) A budding writer must also develop patience and work with no expectations.
BookGeeks: A few words for our readers and fans?
Anuradha: Enjoy little things of life. Please, please never underestimate yourselves. Things did not work the way you wanted, because there is something better waiting for you just around the corner.
BookGeeks: A few words for the team at BookGeeks.in
Anuradha: All the best for your future endeavors. You are all doing a wonderful job. Keep it up! Thanks once more.
Author Interview- Dr Anuradha Prasad
April 9, 2014
Hello all,

So here goes the first Interview, Dr. Anuradha Prasad, a lovely person, its a her beautiful smile that you notice the first. She recently got her first book published “Two winters and 365 Days”. I wish her luck for the book and I’m thankful to her for sharing her little lovely world, with my small blog.

So, read on more and get to know about this fabulous writer and an amazing person, people, Dr. Anuradha Prasad
Brief introduction
I have a post graduation and PhD in English literature from Mumbai University. I am a feature writer and a freelance editor.

I am a fitness freak and experiment with diet and exercise routines for myself and my family for a healthy life. I am a simple person and believe in the purer pleasures of life. My all time dream is to travel the world, to build homes in exotic locations and to explore the local culture and cuisine. I am into writing books as my future career option.

I currently love living in Mumbai. I don’t know ‘bout morrow’.
First initiative-
My first initiative in writing– might be at the age of seven, when I had penned a poem in English.
What made you start writing?
As I have mentioned the writing streak was prevalent in me from my child hood. As a child and in early adolescence I might have read thousands of books on adventure, drama ,romance , suspense , thrillers , both Indian and western comics. (Curtesy my mom –used to get books from her little school library where she was a teacher)Tintin was my childhood hero. I guess writing happened along with reading , sometime then, as I used to scribble poems in the afternoon after the school hours . That was an amazing phase of my life. Later as a student of English literature I started reading the greats like Wordsworth, Milton, Shelly and Shakespeare to speak of a few.

During and after my post graduation I started writing poetry and small articles. Somebody suggested that I send them for publication. I wrote my first article for a famous lifestyle magazine called as ‘Body and Beauty Care’ that was managed by the Free Press House.

It got published instantly. Encouraged I wrote more.

Then a series followed, soon I started writing regular columns for them on request. Later I was asked to compile introductory notes for each issue ready for publication. This was around ’97 and 98. Later I enrolled for my Phd degree and fell into life juggling family, a demanding teaching job, making rounds of the university touting and hunting for references for my thesis. Along the way, I forgot to write. Till a turning point in my life, that changed everything. To cut a long story short I quit my job and plunged full time into writing…only to realize that, it was a uphill task.

In the year 2004, I walked into the Times West Side armed with some of my previously published work as they needed fresh writers. I was given a chance and it was an ‘instant click’. A contract and a series of columns followed. At that time a lot of my work was also getting published in/ around Mumbai and other Indian magazines. Struggling from scratch, I had to work very hard, burning the midnight oil but it paid off. I was recognized for my amazing writing skills. The Times did a story on me for their second anniversary issue and I was on the Cover of West Side plus in 2006.I went on to edit lifestyle magazines. The writing continues.
Your inspiration?
Danielle steel!

I love her writing style, intricate plots, dramatized emotions and characterizations. From today’s female lot it has to be none other than J.K Rowling. Her story is what you call a rags to riches one. I also draw inspiration from Kiran Desai, Arundhati Roy , Khushwant Singh and Chetan Bhagat.

I must mention here my Uncle who was a famous Telugu novelist . His books were adopted into Telugu films that went on to bag National Awards. His name was Mantha Ramana Rao.
What makes you to keep writing?
My work finds its way into the hearts of the readers effortlessly. I also write to meet the deadlines.
Moto of life?
“Keep your dreams alive they may come true! Cherish the small joys of life for they give the greatest pleasure. Never laugh at anyone as he/she might become great one day.”
What is keeping you busy currently?
I am busy on planning my next book,working on its outline. Giving interviews, some events and busy running around my family
You are currently reading?
I am currently reading a lot of online research as a preparation for my next novel. Right now I am not reading a book.
Your favourite authors-
International Genre- Jeffery Archer, Danielle Steel, Harold Robins, Sidney Sheldon , Barbara Cartland, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton, Rhonda Byrne and Mahatma GandhiFrom the Indian lot, I like Arundhati Roy’s writing, Chetan Bhagat, Khushwant Singh and Robin Sharma.
Author(s) you follow
Khushwant Singh ( Unfortunately he is no more) Chetan Bhagat, Rhonda Byrne and Robin Sharma.
If not writing then, what you would have been?
A great lyricist, singer and a performer.
The best thing you ever read (quotes, line or a sentence, book)
There are so many …to quote one now is-
“Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time”
-Henry Words Worth Longfellow.
Success comes to those who?
Work hard. There is no substitute to hard work.
What kind of surroundings make you pen down words?
I get into my room alone… shut the doors and start writing…generally it is in the afternoons, late nights and early mornings…when others are not around or sleeping. Sometimes, I might get an idea in the middle of the night when I am awake for a brief spell or wake up to just quench my thirst ….I go back to my machine, switch it on and type my thoughts and before I know it is Dawn . It is magical

Writing fills me and so the time, place and settings follow. I operate the best when the surroundings are quiet.
Words of criticism you have experienced-
Umm Umm..don’t remember…about my book non so far I am waiting…for more critics to pour in their views.
Recent work- Two Winters and 365 Days.
Words of thanks to-
My Husband , my child…my extended family and all my friends.
Words for readers-
Keep reading, reading and reading. That is why you are called as readers! Please, please also read my book.
Interview with Debutante authoress- Anuradha Prasad!!!
10th Feb, 2014 (Author : AbhiLaSH RuHeLa)
I am very glad to share this interview of the debut authoress, Anuradha Prasad, who have recently come out with her book,"Two Winters and 365 Days".
Q) What are your feelings after being an author ? What’s your perspective about life after achieving a rare flagship like this in life?
ANS---First and foremost let me thank you for this interview. Coming to your question I am experiencing an amalgam of feelings.Now I figured I needed to enjoy the moment and nothing else. I actually had not expected anything at all.
Q) When you saw your first novel for sale on E-commerce websites and placed at a bookstore for the first time, what kind of thoughts dominated your mind?
ANS-As I said first I was overwhelmed,wanted to double check, I pinched myself several times but finally I am set. I am enjoying the moment.
Q) Before we head discussing your book, we would like to know in spite of being an author, what do you exactly do? And do you wish to continue with the job or come into full-time writing?
ANS- I write , I write , I write. I am a Feature Writer. Presently, I write on invitation. I blog regularly or when time permits. I had worked with a few publications as an editor and wrote for Times West Side Plus Mumbai . West Side had carried a story on me, for their second anniversary issue a few years back. I teach journalism whenever I get an opportunity and give pep talks to youngsters on intrinsic personality development . Apart from this I keep a beautiful home and love lazing around with my family in front of the idiot box. I am a fitness freak . I experiment with diet and do Yoga every alternate day . Love and observe nature during my travels and long frequent walks in the neighbourhood. Yes, I am Planning to make writing books as my future career option.
Q) What is your latest book all about? And from where did this idea occur to you?
ANS-A lot of people have misconceptions that women cannot make it big in the fields like journalism and fast paced Media professions....So I took it up as my subject and wrote an inspirational story. Before starting to write this book I wanted to write on a realistic topic too .So I worked on a story frame and a few characters that appealed to me and the rest just happened. Of course some of the chapters reflect my own experiences in the field of Journalism.
Q) How long did you take to write this book from the moment you started developing the story to start writing it till completing it finally with editing and all?
ANS-I took approximately- One Year and three months.
Q) What are the Promotional strategies that you and your publisher have applied to promote/market your book?
ANS-I don't know since this is my first book I am still in the process of learning. The publishers chased me for four to five months with a good proposal till I said yes. They had googled about me and they really , really wanted me to publish with them. As I said I am going through mixed bag of emotions right now . I will wait and watch for sometime . Luckily for me I am getting a tremendous positive response . But to answer your question , what I honestly feel is if a book is good it promotes itself. It reaches where it has to on its own without you working on.I think Two Winters and 365 Days is already doing it .
Q) What exactly is your target from your Books- 1. Getting most copies sold out, 2. Getting the love of readers or 3. You just wrote it because you wanted to write a book once in your life, hence you have no targets?
ANS- Right now my target would be to be recognized as a good Indian Author in the international markets. I also wanted to prove to the world that Indians can also write beautiful English I want my book to reach a wide variety of audiences across the globe and should be a best seller.
Q) By when are you coming up with your next novel? And if possible, do give us an idea about what it would be.
ANS-I am still recovering from my experience of releasing my first book. Right now I cannot say but I am already working on an idea and a plot. It should be ready early next year.
Q) In the end, tell us in 5-7 lines, what speech will you give if you win a Major Award for the Best Indian Author for your books?
ANS- Oh God! What will be my speech as the best Indian author?Umm...Umm Let me think? Major Award in itself will make me speechless!
“Thank you God for giving me this wonderful gift of writing...for making me the way I am...thank you parents, thank you family...Thank you critics ....Last but not the least thank you people for reading my books and making them best sellers and a me a best selling author.”
Author Interview Series: Interview 1: Dr Anuradha Prasad
July 1, 2014
Today is Doctors Day and ideally the author interview I should be posting should be of a doctor but there are two medical doctor authors: Reet Singh and Ruchi Vasudeva. So, the question that was nagging me was: Whose interview should I post? If I would post one of the two, it would be wrong. Then I decided, a non-medical doctor: DR ANURADHA PRASAD. So here goes:
Dr Anuradha Prasad is a post graduate in English literature and Phd (English) from Mumbai University and has been writing since she can remember. She is a feature writer, worked and published with Times of India, Free PImageress house, Body and Beauty Care, Incredible India, Woman’s Era and other notable publications. She has worked as a senior editor for lifestyle magazines, developed and edited web content, as a natural progression towards her journey into writing. Times West Side Plus had featured her for their second anniversary issue. She has, to her credit, hundreds of published and edited work. She teaches journalism on invitation to youngsters that she enjoys immensely. ‘Two Winters and 365 Days’ is her first book as a writer. I am very thankful to her for giving me this opportunity to interview her.
Q) Thank you, Dr Anuradha for the interview. At the outset, could you please tell the readers about yourself?
ANS - You have already given such an introduction that I am at a loss of words. Further on the topic- I also love traveling, observing nature, gardening, cooking exotic foods and spending time at home in front of the idiot box. Very few people know that I aspired to be a model in my college days and even featured in some brand modeling. Destiny had other plans. As I matured, I became more intellectually inclined. I started looking at more permanent options for a career, as I realized that a model’s shelf life was very short. Focus on learning, wisdom and intellect took centre stage. I swear by constant learning that promotes change and growth. I lead a simple life, taking care of my family, spending time with friends and loved ones. I strongly believe that things happen for a cause.
Q) You are a post graduate in English literature and Phd (English). Did this in some way help in your writing?
ANS - It was actually the other way round. Because I was good at English language, I took to studying English literature and yes, I must say that after completing my Phd in English I realized that I had not given wings to the writer in me and determined to do so.
Q) You have written hundreds of articles. What motivated you to write a full-fledged novel?
ANS - I wanted my work to outlive me. A book is eternal. It is a legacy you pass on to your kids and the generations next. So I decided to write one. Another reason why I wrote a novel was I had never written a single short or a long story in my entire career as a feature writer so it presented a greater challenge for me and I love challenges! It also hit me that there was nothing new in the field of feature writing that I could explore, as I had experimented with all the genres.

Lastly, often I had heard from friends and colleagues as to how difficult it was for a writer to get recognition. So I guess I wanted to experience all the pitfalls and exhilaration myself.
Q) What were the challenges faced while writing the book?
ANS - As I have mentioned I had never written even a single short story, so to write a story spanning over 250 or 300 pages was a challenge. The biggest task was to think of a realistic story line with realistic situations in it. After this, creating characters and writing dialogues for them was extremely mind blowing. I realized later that good dialogues poured life into characters and I spent days writing certain parts to perfect the characters. While writing I have laughed, cried, made merry, felt sad and went through all that my characters might have gone through in the book, because I wanted the readers to experience the same.

Researching was another challenge. When you write in English language your story becomes global. So you are dealing with a wide audience, some are extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. You cannot make mistakes where descriptions are concerned. For example—The color of the furniture or the decor in a room, food, or medicines for an ailment, names of drugs with correct spellings, clothes, makeup brands, anything and everything that you mention needs authenticity. Another factor was, my story was set in different countries. So an American reading my book might laugh at me if the places and related facts are not correct. Besides, most foreign readers cannot relate to Indian culture that makes Indian novels losing Global appeal. It was extremely challenging for me to write a story for Indian sensibilities with a Global audience in mind. Lastly I wanted the readers to take away something from my little book without it being very heavy on the psyche or sounding preachy. I worked around these points bringing in an element of evolution after loss, self-discovery, adventure, romance, inspiration and success while keeping the language and narration simple, that makes it deeply touching yet an easy enjoyable read.
Q) Is the book based on someone you know or heard of?
ANS - The book is totally imaginary.
Q) The cover of the book is very nice, did you have a say in designing it?
ANS - I thought of an idea for the cover and the publisher added some more elements to it and the designer did his bit to make it exceptional.
Q) Who is your favorite author?
ANS - My all-time fav author is Danielle Steel and I can also add Sydney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer, Harold Robins, Barbara Cartland, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton, Mahatma Gandhi, Arundhati Roy, Khushwant Singh, Robin Sharma, Chetan Bhagat, Rhonda Byrne and J.K Rowling.

I don’t stick to a particular author now. Sometimes, I pick a book on my own or the one suggested by my friends.
Q) Which book are you currently reading?
ANS - Right now I am not reading any book. I am into researching and writing my next and busy with the interviews and photo sessions.
Q) What is the next project that you are working on? When is the next book scheduled for release?
ANS - I am working on my next project that is a novel. I am planning to release by early 2015 or mid-2015.
Q) What will be your advise to the upcoming novelists and writers?
ANS - It’s easier saying than doing but rejections are a part of life. Take it with a pinch of salt and move on. Keep an alternative career on the side. Write to express and feel happy rather than to become famous or to make money. More you will run after name and fame less you shall get it. Don’t push yourself. If your work is good or if you are destined to, you shall surely get recognition. Write honestly from your heart! Chill, Chill, Chill at all times. Do not expect your home fires to burn with your writing talent. Believe that there is a place for everyone in this universe and every dog has its day. Your day shall come very soon. Move with this faith and strength. All the best!

Her website is www.anuradha-prasad.com.
Anuradha’s books are available on Flipkart, Amazon and Google and the readers can compare the prices on Junglee.com
Spotlight Post II: Two Winters And 365 Days
August 10, 2014
Varkha (Alegria)
Like mentioned in an earlier post, I am doing a small spotlight post to create awareness about two awesome books that I think people should get their hands on.The second one I would like to mention here is Two Winters and 365 Days by Dr Anuradha Prasad.
Excerpt from the book:
The peon walked into the cabin with the printout of a CV. Sushma Vohra, the top HR manager from Arora & Arora Ltd. was checking the mails for the day. She was a highly professional no-nonsense woman in her late thirties. One of her responsibilities included screening people coming in for top positions.

She took the CV from the peon and placed it on her table without bothering to look at it.

“Ask madam to sit,” she instructed the peon. “She is,” he responded in Hindi and went out. Sushma checked the time in her watch. It was 11.40. The lady who had come that day for the interview was a recommendation from a very senior editor and CEO of a top publishing house in town, a friend of Arora’s. Sushma just looked at the profile papers on her desk in resignation and went about checking the mail again. The lady in question had applied for the post of the senior editor with AFTER TEA, their lifestyle magazine.

AFTER TEA was a lifestyle magazine published by Arora & Arora for a limited clientele to start with. A&A was in the business of interiors, stock market investments, and construction for a 100 years now. AFTER TEA was their business venture with a huge VISION— One: to reach out to the ‘who’s who’ of the business world. Two: to make money. One and a half years into its publication, it was still unknown. It had a meagre clientele of about 2,000, of which 1,000 were just friends and well-wishers of A&A. It was almost limping to its closure.

“Ananya Bhatt, major and topper Mumbai University in English Literature, best editor of her college magazine for five consecutive years” read the profile in bold letters.

‘All these people are the same. They make bombastic profiles that never match up to their performances or talent,’ thought Sushma, frustrated.

Frustration was writ all over the face of the receptionist outside the cabin that Ananya waited. The girl was jumbling calls, overseeing the guests and the people coming in for the interviews, and attending to other mundane chores; the tasks were unending.

Ananya sat on the sofa sipping the hot ready-made coffee handed out to her by the peon opposite to the receptionist- cum-telephone operator. Ananya was taken aback at first by the girl’s pink flowing kurta and maroon lipstick.

‘I need to adjust to the city’s fast work culture, ethics, Indian weather, and, most importantly, dressing sense,’ Ananya thought wryly. She finished her coffee and kept the cup on the side table.

“Madam, was the coffee good?” The girl in pink asked in colloquial heavily accented English in between her many jobs.

“Oh yes!” Ananya lied. “Thank you!”
She had got a file to the interview with her testimonials. The file contained her certificates and also the published work from her college, which were faded and torn at places.

‘The articles are so simple,’ she thought. ‘No way will they match up to the standards of a magazine.’ True to speak, the college magazine seemed immature. It was, at the most, a spirited venture on her part for a young crowd. The low feeling and nervousness returned. She skipped a few torn pages with shivering hands till she came to a colorful one.

The heading read – ‘You can lose something that you have; you cannot lose something that you already are.’

The peon was signaling to her by now from the door. “Madam is calling you!” Ananya stood up. She checked the time in her mobile before switching it off. It was 11.45. She entered a spacious cabin that was tastefully done up in wood-colored furniture. ‘This is the characteristic of the entire office,’ Ananya observed. ‘The earthen wooden color is giving this place a very old-world English feel.’

Sushma Vohra had Ananya’s profile in her hands when she entered. She extended a manicured hand to greet her.

“I am Sushma Vohra, Head HR, A&A. Please sit down.”

Ananya sat after shaking hands with the lady. Her hand- shake was limp, observed Sushma.

“It’s a Lifestyle magazine, ma’am, as you are aware,” Sushma said with forced courtesy.

Ananya nodded without speaking.

“We are looking for a person who can match up to our vision,” Sushma informed her with pride.

“Yes, ma’am.” There was a slight shiver in Ananya’s voice.

Sushma passed her eagle gaze on Ananya’s clothes. A small yellow stain on her left shoulder spoilt the white shirt that she was wearing. “I am sure you must be aware of our vision as well?” she asked with no expectation and with forced cordiality, again nodding.

“Ye… yes,” Ananya responded.

Sushma’s eyes took in the closely cut nails and the dark circles under the eyes; her sharp gaze did not miss out on the lack of confidence in Ananya’s voice either, and her total lack of style was hitting on the face! To speak the least, the perfectionist and super career woman Sushma was not at all impressed. ‘She has a high recommendation we cannot ignore,’ she thought. Sushma decided not to ask any more questions and allow her employer to take a decision on Ananya.

Ananya opened her file. “These are some of my um!.!.!. articles!.!.!. um.”

“It’s not necessary,” Sushma rejoined abruptly, looking at the old published papers without interest. She forced a smile.

“Sir is waiting to speak to you about our publication.” She stood up and extended her hand, signaling an end to their meeting. “Hope to work with you soon.” Her voice was bleak.

Ananya could not get up immediately as she had some of the papers in her lap. By the time she stood up, Sushma was back in her chair with a distant look in her eyes and an artificial smile.

Ananya reached the door and turned around to wish her. “Thank you. You have a great day!” Sushma was past listening to Ananya. She just nodded without even shifting her gaze from the computer screen in front of her.

‘She is not going to get hired,’ she thought. ‘She cannot be competent!’
The book is now out and available on Flipkart for you to buy.

Dr Anuradha Prasad is post graduate in English literature and Phd( English) from Mumbai University. She has been writing since she can remember! A journalist by profession, she has worked with Times of India and has edited lifestyle magazines. Times West side carried a feature story by Anuradha for their second anniversary issue’s cover page a few years ago. She has hundreds of published work to her credit and usually writes on invitation for leading publications. This is her first book as an author. For more information, please visit her website www.anuradha-prasad.com
  Copyright © 2011 Dr. Anuradha Prasad ~ All Rights Reserved.